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Websocket Using Ruby and Nodejs

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在看HTML5高级程序设计时,简单的了解了一下websocket, 然后做了个简单的demo 服务端用ruby实现,结合em-websocket这个gem,客户端使用的是nodejs的ws这个插件。

require 'em-websocket' { => "", :port => 8080) do |ws|
        ws.onopen { |handshake|
puts "WebSocket connection open"

  # Access properties on the EM::WebSocket::Handshake object, e.g.
  # path, query_string, origin, headers

  # Publish message to the client
  ws.send "Hello Client, you connected to #{handshake.path}"

ws.onclose { puts "Connection closed" }

ws.onmessage { |msg|
  puts "Recieved message: #{msg}"
  ws.send "Pong: #{msg}"

客户端使用的是ws, 安装方法,

    sudo npm install ws -g

    wscat -c ws://localhost:8080



to be continued….